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The Baby Siblings Research Consortium (BSRC) is a multidisciplinary, collaborative community of researchers and clinicians committed to understanding the developmental origins and earliest signs of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by studying infants at familial risk for ASD.  Over the last decade, through rigorous studies conducted by investigators across multiple sites, the BSRC has identified both behavioral and biological markers of risk and disrupted development prior to the age of diagnosis, sparking studies of early intervention in infancy.  The BSRC shares this knowledge with investigators, parents, and clinicians who provide care to communities and families, and shares research strategies with all those investigating high risk populations.


To optimize neurodevelopment and wellbeing for infants at elevated likelihood for autism and their families.


To support this vision, the BSRC provides a rich and structured framework for collaboration between researchers and clinicians searching for the very earliest signs of autism in elevated likelihood infants through (1) the discovery of biological mechanisms and behavioral processes contributing to markers of risk and resilience; (2) the development of innovative approaches for attenuating symptom development in early infancy; and (3) the translation and dissemination of new knowledge and implementation of specific assessment and intervention strategies to caregivers and providers. 


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